Drone Dreams

The Idea

The idea of designing and building a drone for myself was in my head for quite a while, after a got a internship at Gregor van Egdom I got the opportunity of actually making this happen.


The drones purpose


The ideal drone for me has to be a camera drone because I’m a camera enthusiastic. So my drone has to be a film/photography purpose because of that and has to stay within my budget (around €500,-)


The requirements


I started with a couple of demands for my drone:

  • Frame has to be sturdy
  • Can lift a camera with gimbal with a weight of 1000 grams total
  • Needs to fly at least 5 minutes
  • Programmable quad computer
  • GPS flying
  • Form follows function

Like this? You might be interested in my latest project. It's a desk light made completely from a single sheet of printed circuit board. Check it out:


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