This is a collection of the projects I’ve been working on for the past few years in the diverse fields of Industrial Design, Electronics Prototyping and the production of Interactive Installations. More in-depth information about the products and my design process can be found in my print portfolio. Older work (also including Graphic Design, Web Development and Photography) is still available at a mirror of my old site.

Industrial Design

Vlak light

vlak light

The Vlak light is a desk light which uses energy efficient LEDs but dims with the cosy light of an old-fashioned lightbulb. The lamp is made almost completely from printed circuit board, making it just 1.6mm thin.

Gelotology Meeting Motivator

Meeting Motivator

The Gelotology Meeting Motivator is a device that hold up to 10 smartphones and rewards everyone who hands in their distraction-machines before a meeting with a funny motivational quote. Watch the video!...

Giaura Aquarium CO2-supplier

Giaura CO2-system

Aquariums require close monitoring and adjustment of CO2 levels. The Giaura system captures CO2 from the air and feeds it into your aquarium to keep plants and fish healthy. ..

Exxfire 50 Automatic Fire Extinguisher


The Exxfire 50 is an innovative integrated fire detector and extinguisher for high-availability IT-equipment such as servers. The product uses Cool Gas Technology to extinguish a fire at the source...

Aerialtronics Camera Controller

Aerialtronics manufactures the Altura aerial photo- & videography drones. The flying camera can be controlled from the ground with the Camera Controller. Designed in association with Buro Hezemans...

Secrid Shop Display

A shop display to catch the eye of the shopper for the innovative Secrid wallets. Focus on durability, reproducibility, and aesthetics. Currently in production.


A design for connectable drinking cups: no need for a tray to carry up to 10 beverages in a row. Currently being further developed.

Secrid Shop Display Demonstrator

A demonstrator of a shop display for the innovative Secrid wallets. Short-lead-time demonstrator to test interest at a trade fair.

Sony Ericsson

A 6-month graduation internship at the Emmen (NL) department of this multinational focused on researching and developing entirely new ways of electrical and mechanical interconnection between product parts and how to make these as durable and small as possible. Or: how do I fix wires properly?

Breed Actief

Several products to educate kindergarten children bicycle riding for Breed Actief. Shown here: a balance-test. Three roto-moulded, 1 meter long parts form a slanted surface for the kids to practice keeping their balance. Part of a set of more than 100 products (of which 12 custom designed and made) in carrying case. Currently in production.




Egger Moodroom

A Dutch distributor for Egger, an international supplier of laminates, tapped 5 young designers to design a “mood room” for the introduction of the new collection of laminates.  Interior architect Hanneke van den Borne created this jukebox, to which I added the electronics which made the installation come to life.

Ben & Jerry’s Givolution Machine

An ice-cream dispensing, internet connected, video streaming, 3-meter-tall robot! Learn more about this yummi machine here.

Philips O’Neill “Tested On Animals” Trucks

Two trucks, each containing a custom designed and built simulator with massive video screens, hydraulic floor, ventilators and more. Currently touring both the US and Europe simultaneously. See more at interactiveobjects.nl.

Electronics Prototyping

Haptic feedback controller

Quick ‘n’ dirty demonstrator of a haptic feedback 6DoF-controller. Part of a research project about remote health by a major Dutch industrial design firm.


Vimuxx video mixer physical interface

Software and hardware for a prototype of a new live video mixer (VJ) console. In collaboration with Paul Cremers (interface design) for Tenfeet.



Interactive Objects

Download portfolio

For more info on the projects, please click the image to download my portfolio as a PDF. This portfolio also includes more projects not described on this page.

Want to know even more?

You can find an older version of my website (with still more projects) here. A Curriculum Vitae is available on request. If you would like to know more about me or what we could build together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also view my skills and experience in parts & materials and production techniques.