Industrial Design Engineering

Full-service design, from Idea to Prototype: researching markets and users, generating ideas, building compelling concepts and refining them into final products, ready to be produced. All within a complex web of constraints and wishes: functionality, cost price, materials and production techniques, to name but a few.
My strength is in bringing everything together and making it just work.

I specialize in products that contain what other designers would call a “black box”: mechanics, electronics, electric components, pneumatics etc. I’ll rise to a challenge that would normally require the input of someone else.
A fully equipped workshop enables me to experiment while designing, directly building something to gain insight. It is also the place where the product comes to life: quick tests being evaluated, prototypes being built. Come have a look if you’re interested! Or have a look at my portfolio to see what I’ve built over the years.

Rapid Prototyping of Electronic Products

My experience with electronics puts me in a unique position somewhere between Product Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Combined with a practical “can do”-attitude, this enables me to build pretty much anything in a stunningly short period. Shoot me an idea, and I’ll probably be able to whip something up within a day.

Of course, this won’t be your final product. But it’ll be close. It’ll be functioning – with electronics, for instance. It will enable you to see the potential of the idea. To spot pitfalls early on. It could be used for testing. Or to gain market intelligence.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a physical, functioning model will convince anyone from a manager to an investor.

Special Projects and Artistic Support

The same experience also comes in handy in another field: building what I like to call Interactive Installations. Anything which requires a multidisciplinary approach, something that is usually only built as a one-off or in a small batch. It could be an “internet connected ice-cream-dispensing robot” to promote a new flavour of ice cream or an installation that reacts to people, built for an artist. These projects require a vast array of competences. Amongst others, software and hardware programming, graphic design, project management, electronics, sound, video, Internet, mechanical design and user experience design all come together into one project.

These project can be designed and delivered on short notice. Interactive Installations are a unique way to inspire interaction with your audience. Whatever your message – commercial or otherwise – get people to touch, hear, smell, see and feel it.

For these projects, I usually work together in a team of specialists, often in collaboration with Interactive Objects.