Solidworks instant PDF, STL, DXF macro’s

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These macro’s save a PDF, DXF or AI version of a drawing or STL of a model with the name of the model, in the model folder. Saves tons of time making packages of technical drawings. One-click file-saving! Can be easily changed to save other formats (STEP, IGES, …)
Warning: automatically overwrites existing files!

Download the ZIP package! (33k)

Update 1-2-2016: Since I’m still getting a ton of traffic on this post; I recently tested them with SolidWorks 2016 and they work perfectly.

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14 thoughts on “Solidworks instant PDF, STL, DXF macro’s

    • Not sure, but probably, yeah. I’m on 2008, so no 64bit back then (I think). Let me know if it does 🙂

      • Hi, i have checked stl and pdf on 64-bit system (SWX2014) – it runs good… 😀
        nice macro – thanx

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing these macros. I’m new to using macros and these are working great for me.

    Well I’d like to know that How can I use one of these Macros (say PDF) in Solidworks Task Scheduler to automatically save all the drawing files located in a folder to PDF files in the same folder.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best Regards
    Ashish Sharma

    • Hi Ashish,

      Good idea. However, I didn’t even know SW had a task scheduler 😀
      I’d guess you could feed this macro into the scheduler, but if I remember correctly it only saves a PDF of the currently opened and active file so you might have some trouble with that.

      Best regards, Gregor

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing these macros.
    I was having trouble with the one I wrote crashing solidworks when I used it.
    Makes everything a lot easier

  3. Hey,
    thanks for the macros.

    -is it possible to make the .stl macro where i can choose the folder where i can save my file?

    -the dxf macro is very nice but it only works on drawing file. can you also make it for a sketch file? i need it for sheet-exhaus transaction

    nice greetz from germany

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